April 2009


April 2, 2009 Directors Association Meeting

Mid Hudson Library System Auditorium



Meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jessica Serrano.



Columbia County

Sally Alderdice Claverack, Lynn Place Germantown, Carol Briggs Hillsdale, Jeanne Bogino New Lebanon, Vicki Kurashige North Chatham, Karen Garafalo Philmont,

Dutchess County

Carole Rodriguez Beekman, Terry Sennett Clinton Corners, Susan Totter Dover Plains, Gregory Callahan Hyde Park, Lisa Karim LaGrange, Margaret Quick North East Millerton, Robert P. Reilly Pawling, Marguerite Hill Pine Plains, Daniela Pulice Pleasant Valley, Lauren Muffs PPLD, Mary Anna Egan Red Hook, Steven Cook Rhinebeck, Joanne Meyer Rhinecliff, Anne Jordan Staatsburg, Arlene Christiansen Stanford, Bonny Corrado Tivoli, Matthew Pfisterer Wappingers Falls

Greene County

David DeShong Catskill, Linda Deubert Coxsackie

Putnam County

Jeanne Buck Carmel, Gillian Thorpe Cold Spring, Frank Rees Kent, Patricia Kaufman Mahopac, Patti Haar Patterson, Kathleen McLaughlin Putnam Valley

Ulster County

Julie Kelsall-Dempsey Highland Clintondale Branch, Margie Menard Kingston, Laurie Coccio Milton, John Giralico New Paltz, John Georghiou Plattekill, , Jessica Serrano Saugerties, Faith Johnson Town of Ulster, Amy Raff Woodstock

Mid-Hudson Library System

Josh Cohen, Merribeth Advocate, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Laurie Shedrick, Robert Drake


Action Items

R. Reilly moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved. J. Kelsall-Dempsey seconded and the motion passed.


Robert Drake, MHLS Tech Support staffer was introduced to the D.A.


Bylaws amendment: Nominating Committee meeting date is in October vs. September.

Motion to change bylaws: Moved by F. Rees, seconded by S. Alderdice. Motion passed.


Delivery packaging standards: Discussion as to DVDs being snapped into cases vs sending loose in case. Also, question as to adherence. If something you [owning library] send is not in a standardized packaging, it is your responsibility if it is damaged in transit. Padded envelopes, bubble wrap and such are not considered valid packaging, and if such is lost, the borrowing library is not responsible.


Moved to accept recommendation with corrections. R. Reilly moved, L. Karim seconded. Motion passed.


Fee for holds: Millennium ‘hold feature’ can be turned on globally in OPAC. If not turned on, how will libraries track fees? Can be done with a manual charge. Goal: people should be made aware that such a fee will be charged. If turned on may inform of fee at time of placing hold or pickup about fee.


Motion not to turn on moved by F. Johnson. Seconded by L.Karim. Motion passed.


Next discussion: Message or no message to be discussed by Resource Sharing. Please assist committee by deciding whether to charge. If not enough libraries will charge, then no message should be placed. Issue may need to be revisited yearly, depending on individual library’s funding pressures.


Missing/Damaged Parts Procedures: J . Kendall reports that the form has changed. Issue tabled, and referred to Resource Sharing.



MHLS Reports

MHLS Executive Director’s Report Josh Cohen


A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting


Fees, and relation to 18% cut: History of fees discussed even before the 18% cut by Josh. Not included in funding shortfall of $200,000. As explained to task force: fund balance built up- 58% must be on hand to pay for Jan-June until State funds arrive. Fund balance built above that, to cover through 2009. The years beyond 2010 are a problem. 2010 was a balanced budget, but with cut, may not be possible. Surplus fund balance has declined. With 18% cut, 2009 fund balance would be exhausted. 2010 budget based on level funding, and not having to dip

into any balance. Result: deficit spending.


Cannot be called a “member fee” per DLD. Systems may call it a “service fee.” Suffolk model should be looked at. Tied into Josh’s plan to have a retreat to examine future plans. IF no fee paid by individual libraries, then a core (basic, minimal) level of service may be established, per State minimums for what must be provided (Plan of Service, Union Catalog). Plans discussed now would be in effect in 2012.


Bills from MHLS for this fee can be sent quarterly. Service fee, if termed such, is thought to be easier to explain to patrons. If libraries want a generic “fee,” MHLS can call it whatever.


Fee structure may include an incentive for net lenders in order to control costs.


Replacing M. Keefe and cutting print services discussed. Discussion as to replacement of M. Keefe without input from D.A., based in part by letter-writing campaign. Request for survey of which services provided by MHLS are used by libraries. J. Cohen will attempt to price out a

print job at total cost recovery and talk to D. Begley about consulting fees.



MHLS Board Liaison Report Frank Rees

Information previously disseminated via the listserv.


Advisory Committee Reports

Central Library/Collection Development Pat Kaufman

Next meeting April 17.


Continuing Education/Professional Development Merribeth Advocate

Next meeting is May 15.


Marketing and Program Midge Quick

Next meeting is scheduled for April 21.


Resource Sharing

See printed report.



Consultant Activities

Outreach & Education Coordinator Merribeth Advocate

Report in agenda.


Coordinator of Membership Information Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

Report in agenda.


Youth Services Coordinator Margaret Keefe

April 23 is the rescheduled Flip Out workshop.


Automated Systems Manager Laurie Shedrick

Report in agenda.


Old Business



New Proposed Business & Information

Mango Languages cost-share discussed. No price for this provided by J.Cohen. Other items may be cut in order to fund this database. Central Library to discuss and consider costs. See packet.



F. Johnson moved to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:48.


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday May 4, 2009



Respectfully Submitted:


Steven Cook


Starr Library Rhinebeck