March 2010

Minutes of the 3/3/2010 MHLS Directors Association Meeting.


Meeting was called to order at 10:03 a.m. by Julie Kelsall-Dempsey.




Columbia County

Luisa Sabin-Kildiss Chatham, Sally Alderdice Claverack, Lynn Place Germantown, Carol Briggs Hillsdale, Corey Fleming Hudson, Julie Hamrah Johnson Kinderhook, Jeanne Bogino New Lebanon, Karen Garafalo Philmont

Dutchess County

Alison Herrero Beacon, Carole Rodriguez Beekman, Terry Sennett Clinton Corners, Gloria Goverman East Fishkill, Julie Spann Fishkill, Gregory Callahan Hyde Park, Lisa Karim LaGrange, Nancy Rogers Millbrook, Robert P. Reilly Pawling, Marguerite Hill Pine Plains, Daniela Pulice Pleasant Valley, Tom Lawrence Poughkeepsie, Tom Lawrence Arlington Branch, Steven Cook Rhinebeck, Joanne Meyer Rhinecliff, Erica Freudenberger Staatsburg, Arlene Christiansen Stanford, Bonny Corrado Tivoli, Matthew Pfisterer Wappingers Falls

Greene County

Linda Deubert Coxsackie

Putnam County

Jean Buck Carmel, Gillian Thorpe Cold Spring, Carol Donick Garrison, Frank Rees Kent, Patricia Kaufman Mahopac, Patti Haar Patterson, Kathleen McLaughlin Putnam Valley

Ulster County

Julie Kelsall-Dempsey Highland Clintondale Branch, Margie Menard Kingston, James Cosgrove Marlboro, Laurie Coccio Milton, John Giralico New Paltz, Tracy J. Priest Phoenicia, Jody Ford Stone Ridge, Faith Johnson Town of Ulster, Kara Lustiber West Hurley, Amy Raff Woodstock

Mid-Hudson Library System

Josh Cohen, Christina Ryan-Linder, Merribeth Advocate, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Laurie Shedrick


Action Items


S. Cook moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved.

R. Reilly seconded and the motion passed.


Motion to approve the patron record purge: moved by T. Lawrence, seconded by S. Cook. Motion passed. Discussing regarding whether libraries need to do anything to prepare for the purge. No fines need to be cleared. Billed items will remain. Billed items under $5 will go into ‘Lost and Paid’ status.


Motion to approve the wording of second overdue notice (bill): moved by T. Lawrence, seconded by S. Cook. Motion passed.


MHLS Reports


MHLS Executive Director’s Report Josh Cohen


A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.


Midhudson merging with Southeastern or Rockland County: The RCLS board has asked that this be looked into. Discussion regarding whether there would be advantages in a merger. Seems like most advantages would be to Southeastern or RCLS, since Midhudson is in the top tier in the state. Some larger systems work well. Could be certain efficiencies gained. Some feel the system would then cover too much territory if it was merged with Rockland. It would affect Central Libraries, since regulations currently allow only one central library per system.

Delivery would be significantly impacted and would require at least two more routes. The RCLS automation system is very centralized.

Transportation is more centralized, as well. Southeastern’s services are totally different from Midhudson’s. There is no assumption that we would adopt anyone else’s procedures. Also, there would be cost issue related to merging. One catalog would be necessary and our catalog is functionally better. RCLS automation system is very centralized.

Transportation is more centralized, as well. This is an issue that gets looked at periodically, does not seem to be overly serious. Cost savings need to be looked at vs. the cost of the merger itself. There is a concern that we might lose control of this proposal if we don’t talk about it – best to be proactive.


Drupal: no target date yet.


LSTA project: checklist is just about ready to submit. Focus on Web 2.0 tools.


PULISDO: The Castleton Library (Upper Hudson System) director was fired and it came out that the board never took oaths of office so they didn’t have the authority. Oaths of office should be completed and sent to the county clerk. This is in the trustee handbook. If one refuses to take the oath they can be removed from the board. This does not apply to Association libraries.


Leg Day: It’s unlikely that cut funds will be restored. The governor’s proposal will probably stand.




MHLS Board Liaison Report Frank Reese


No report. No meeting. The next meeting is 3/13.


Advisory Committee Reports


Central Library/Collection Development Josh Cohen


A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting. Committee met on 2/22.


CLDA Budget: is being adjusted down by $11000. ‘Price it’ has not been renewed. Normally would not be cancelled without DA input, but the bill was due and time did not allow this. Usage stats indicated that ‘Price It’ was not being used. We are being billed the amount that was proposed, now there will be additional funds because of ‘Price it’

being cancelled. This applies to member library funds, not Central Library. The additional funds could be applied towards other databases if this is what everyone wants. The Central Library Committee and Josh will look at this and bring a recommendation to the DA.


Continuing Education/Professional Development Merribeth Advocate


No report. No meeting. The next meeting is 4/23.


Marketing and Program Midge Quick



No report. No meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 3/8.



Resource Sharing


No meeting. No report. The next meeting is 3/17.



Consultant Activities


Outreach & Education Coordinator Merribeth Advocate


Overdrive Training: the second round of training is very worthwhile.

Usage stats look good already. 187 people have already signed up and have checked out 265 books.


Coordinator of Membership Information Rebekkah Smith Aldrich


Direct member item money given to libraries: should be reported to Midhudson so that they can acknowlege the donors.


Overdrive promotional materials: in delivery today. There are two new

items: a shelf talker and a business card sized promo piece. A cost sheet in today’s packet.


Youth Services Coordinator Christina Ryan-Linder


Kids Port: February usage is up 27%.


SRP workshops: coming up soon and will be offered in Germantown and at Midhudson.


Automated Systems Manager Laurie Shedrick


Air Pac: very close to being installed. Handout will be put together to hand out to patrons.


Millennium list: working well. Some people think they have to go to Google list to see items, but they will go right into the member’s email.


Mandatory Millennium Holds Training: next week. Must sign up asap.


System Funding Task Force Tom Lawrence


A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting. The task force met on 2/8.


Tires & Wires Cost Recovery Proposal: Spread sheet in packet shows quantitative information determining member share and system responsibility, which is where the analysis is going right now. About

15 to 20% of tires is paid by member libraries. Given this, paying 25 to 30% is not such a significant jump. This will be examined more closely at the next meeting. The next step in the analysis will be to break down to a cost per library level.


Old Business


Greene County Steering Committee Representative: is D.Kamecke.


Collection Agency Module: out of 41 responses, 20 are not interested,

17 are interested in funding with the capital fund, and 4 would use without capital funding and are willing to contribute various amounts.

This matter must be discussed with boards and not everyone was able to do so. It was suggested that Janet attend every county meeting to answer questions. Any library can call Unique on their own if they like. In terms of the module, the DA has to decide whether to purchase it. If there is still confusion about how it works, there is information on the MHLS web site under Action Memos. If we purchase the module, it would be handled as an enhancement request for Millennium. Laurie will post instructions to pull a list of outstanding items to the Toolbox today or tomorrow. Costs involve replacement item (retail) + processing fee, so these numbers look greater than they really are. This is an artificially inflated item.

Laurie will look into whether a second price field can be added.

Laurie recommends using the retail price.


New Proposed Business & Information






T. Lawrence moved to adjourn the meeting. J. Spann seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 11:07 am.



Respectfully Submitted:


Jeannie Bogino


New Lebanon Library