July 2010


July 8, 2010 Directors Association Meeting Mid Hudson Library System Auditorium


Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Julie Kelsall-Dempsey.




Columbia County

Sally Alderdice, Claverack Free Library; Julie H. Johnson, Kinderhook Memorial Library; Jeannie Bogino, New Lebanon Library; Karen Garafalo, Philmont Public Library


Dutchess County

Julie Spann, Blodgett Memorial Library; Carol Rodriguez, Beekman Library; Terry Sennett, Clinton Community Library; Sue Totter, Dover Plains Library; Matthew Pfisterer, Grinnell Library Association; Phyllis Keaton, Howland Public Library; Lisa Karim, LaGrange Association Library; Joanne A. Meyer, Morton Memorial Library and Community House; Roger Cohn, NorthEast Millerton Library; Marguerite Hill, Pine Plains Free Library; Daniela Pulice, Pleasant Valley Library; Tom Lawrence, Poughkeepsie Public Library District; Erica Freudenberger, Staatsburg Library; Arlene Christensen, Stanford Free Library; Steven Cook, Starr Library


Greene County

Candace Begley, Windham Public Library


Putnam County

Gillian Thorpe, Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library; Patricia Kaufman, Mahopac Public Library; Patti Haar, Patterson Library; Kathleen McLaughlin, Putnam Valley Free Library; Jeanne Buck, Reed Memorial Library


Ulster County

Julie Kelsall-Dempsey, Highland Public Library; Margie Menard, Kingston Library; James Cosgrove, Marlboro Free Library; Tracy Priest, Phoenicia Library; Wendy Alexander, Rosendale Library; Laurel Coccio, Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library; Faith Johnson, Town of Ulster Public Library


Mid-Hudson Library System

Merribeth Advocate, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Christina Ryan-Linder, Laurie Shedrick


Action Items

T. Lawrence moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved. S. Cook seconded and the motion passed.

Free Libraries: Moved by S. Cook, seconded by J. Gonzalez. There was discussion suggesting a change to the language. It should read “fine- free libraries” vs. “free libraries” since several libraries have the word free in their title. Motion passed.

Welcome to Roger Cohn, interim director from NE Millerton.

MHLS Reports


MHLS Executive Director’s Report, Merribeth Advocate A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.


Technology Continuity Communications: Packets were handed out which contain instructions on how to proceed when issues occur with Millennium or SAM. This is intended to be a “Hot Sheet” packet to keep at the front desk. A procedural flow chart has been implemented with the technology staff which will help ensure that proper communications occur. The intent is for communications to go out within five minutes of a system failure. If phone lines are down, Mohammed’s cell phone is listed as a tech contact. If the power is lost at Midhudson, battery backups for the phones should work for six hours.


Backup Generator Feasibility: MHLS is getting new quotes for different levels of generator service. PPLD is also looking into the possibility of a backup generator, in which case costs could be shared. MHLS is also looking into external server hosting. Another possibility is having the vendors host the servers for Millennium and SAM. To run mirror servers would involve a second server from Millennium, which could possibly be housed at Arlington. The deciding factor will be value. The quote obtained several years ago was $30,000, so the cost will not be less than that and may be substantially higher. Funding possibilities include the capital fund, eRate, and state construction funds.


Budget Update: The state has approved a 2.5% budget cut. The system planned for this, so is on solid financial ground for 2010 and 2011.

The Systems Funding Task force is looking at the fee structure to balance the budget for 2012. MHLS has tried to be fiscally conscious by watching costs and looking for ways to decrease expenses. Also, MHLS has slashed $8624 from the Mango bill. Cuts like this goes back to the members, so the libraries will be billed less. The task force has done great work looking at these figures during the past year and will plan a spring retreat, which will fit nicely into the budget planning timetable. The MHLS board reiterated that directors’ input is very important and that the board’s goal is to collaborate with directors and libraries to formulate a well thought-out plan for moving forward. MHLS expenses have gone up, but revenue has not. It was pointed out that the chart showing Member Library Operating Revenue vs. MHLS Operating Revenue does not take increased expenses into account. Trustees must continue to make the case for library funding to the public. The trustee’s job is to run the best library for the community, not the cheapest.


Novel update: We no longer have Proquest, but S. Herrmance feels that new databases are better than what we lost, especially for the value.



MHLS Board Liaison Report, T. Lawrence

The last meeting was July 7, 2010.

T. Lawrence will give report in conjunction with the System Task Force report.

The next meeting is September 15, 2010.






Advisory Committee Reports


Central Library/Collection Development,

No meeting. No report. The next meeting is August 4, 2010.



Continuing Education/Professional Development, No meeting. No report. The next meeting is September 16, 2010.



Marketing and Program, Faith Johnson

A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.

The committee met on June 17, 2010.

The next meeting is Sept. 21, 2010.


Greening Your Library: This is not a new program, but a natural outgrowth of what Rebekkah has been working on during the past two years. Member libraries needs have shifted and staff work has shifted to accommodate.


Read Local: This program attempts to connect with local businesses and farmers’ markets, as well as local authors.



Resource Sharing,

No meeting. No report. The next meeting is



ExecDirector Search Committee, S. Cook

No report.



Consultant Activities


Outreach & Education Coordinator, Merribeth Advocate A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.



Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainability, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.


Meeting Policy Review/Essential Documents Inventory: People should stop apologizing if they don’t have all their documents. This is an ongoing process.


Vote Outcome Report: The average library request was 6%.


Utilities Survey: Please start centralizing this utility information so it will be available when Rebekkah needs it. Sharing best practices will help to compile laundry list of ideas for energy savings. A NYSERDA audit looks at the whole building, while Central Hudson focuses on utilities. Both audits can be compared to see which is more useful. It is important to work together and share stories in order to avoid shysters looking to cash in on the green business boom.

Baselining everyone and then publicizing outcomes will allow everyone to leverage and share in the publicity.


Construction grant applications: Should be coming any day now.


Friends Support Group: Now open to everyone.


Adult programmers group: Meets Thursday Sept 30, 2010.


7/4 Poughkeepsie Journal Article regarding the Budget Bill: Rebekkah believes it affects money for Battle of the Books and the Summer Reading Program.


Youth Services & Community Connections Coordinator, Christina Ryan- Linder A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.


Sign up sheets: These should be kept confidential, since they display patron information.


Battle of the Books: Money for this year has been received, but next year is probably lost.



Automated Systems Manager, Laurie Shedrick A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.


Broken holds: The increase is possibly due to all the downtime we’ve experienced during the last couple of weeks. Someone at Innovative is dedicated to working on this issue, although they are not being as responsive as usual. Their obligation t is that they will correct the issues within ten days, although they usually do it within an hour. It could be that they are working with a light staff right now.


New templates: A workshop on creating your own notices will be posted to the director’s listserv. Defaults will be put in place, but they can also be customized.


Systems issues: Millennium takes a lot of band width. If there is a question about an individual library, Robert will be happy to come and do an evaluation.


System Funding Task Force, Tom Lawrence

A written report was circulated in advance of the meeting.


Chart of potential 2012 costs: This chart was distributed at the May DA meeting. It assumes a certain deficit and reflects that tires & wires fees + Millennium charges would be applied to offset it. The task Force is now questioning this method. Delivery is a fee, the other is an increased fee for automation charges. Boards may need to make these decisions, so directors should be familiar with these parameters.


Next meeting: Hopefully will be July 20, 2010, but several task force members will be on vacation that week so it may be changed.


FAQs: Task force is working to develop a list.


Automation agreement: The agreement specifies that maintenance charges could increase over time. The original document was created with that idea of potential increased need in the future.



Old Business




New Proposed Business & Information

New Board Liaison: We need someone willing to act as liaison for the final two board meetings of 2010. The liaison must attend meetings and report to the DA. These meetings are very valuable and everyone should take a turn. The liaison represents this group, so it is a vital position. E. Freudenberger has been nominated.







J. Spann moved to adjourn the meeting. J. Gonzalez seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 am.




Respectfully Submitted:


Jeannie Bogino

New Lebanon Library