July 2009

MHLS DA Minutes July 1, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jessica Serrano


Columbia County

Sally Alderdice, Claverack, Julie Hamrah Johnson Kinderhook, Jeanne Bogino New Lebanon, Karen Garafalo, Acting, Philmont., Lynn Place, Germantown


Dutchess County

Phyllis Keaton Beacon, Gloria Goverman East Fishkill, Tom Lawrence Poughkeepsie, Tom Lawrence Arlington Branch, Matthew Pfisterer Wappingers Falls, Carol Rodriquez, Beekman, Midge Quick, North East- Millerton, Marguerite Hill, Pine Plains, Daniella Pulice, Pleasant Valley, Mary Anna Egan, Red Hook, Steven Cook, Rhinebeck, Anne Jordan, Staatsburg, Arlene Christiansen, Stanford

Greene County

David DeShong Catskill, Tracy Priest, Palenville Branch, Catskill, Barbara Flach, Greenville.

Putnam County

Gillian Thorpe Cold Spring, Patricia Kaufman Mahopac, Patti Haar, Patterson, Kathleen McLaughlin, Putnam Valley, Frank Rees, Kent


Ulster County

Kelly Tomaseki, Esopus- Port Ewen, Julie Kelsall-Dempsey Highland Clintondale Branch, Faith Johnson Town of Ulster, Kara Lustiber West Hurley, Margie Menard, Kingston, John Georghiou, Plattekill, Amy Raff, Woodstock, Jessica Serrano, Saugerties

Mid-Hudson Library System Merribeth Advocate, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Laurie Shedrick


Action Items

S.Alderdice moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved. T. Lawrence seconded. Motion passed.

Action Items

Change name of September 3 meeting to Retreat and location to Mt. St.

Alphonsus to enable all Directors to understand how we have arrived at the ‘fee for delivery’ state that we currently are at. Will also examine models for future (2012 and later) system services and funding. T. Lawrence filled in members as to why new fees in future coming our way. This meeting will encourage discussion. “It’s a process.” No fee will be charged to attend. Regular business may be discussed if needed, to be determined by the Steering Committee, dependent on whether an August meeting is held (optional). The meeting length will be approx. four or five hours. Letter from Josh to be sent to encourage attendance. Registration requested, to ensure critical mass of Director attendance. T. Lawrence will work on that.

Moved by T. Lawrence, seconded by P. Kaufman. Motion passed.


Snow date for November 10 to November 5. Moved by T. Lawrence, seconded by P. Kaufman. Motion passed.


Secondary e-mail notification field in Millennium. Laurie Shedrick discussed pros and cons of sending email to patrons beyond those official Millennium notices. Will be on template if desired. If not desired, you do not have to use it; will write an alternative template. Laurie will work on a system-wide default, but each library may determine its own. Default should be set to YES.

Motion to create e-contact template with default set to YES, moved by T. Lawrence D. Pulice seconded. Motion passed.


Essential Millennium Circ Training. Desirable to have training for

all- train or re-train staff. One person per library, at least, and attendance to be required. Sept 09 at MHLS, Sept 10 at Germantown, Sept 16 at Mahopac.

Motion to require attendance by at least one staff member from each library to attend Essential Millennium Circulation Training. Moved by D. Pulice, seconded by P. Kaufman Motion passed.


Update Resource Sharing Standards, Circulation Section 7B

Julie Kendall reports that libraries are overriding other libraries material. This motion makes the overriding library responsible for items. …….From Resource sharing: “ As a general rule, libraries should not override messages and or blocks. Only directors or their designated representative(s) can override messages, to prevent abuse.

The director is responsible for all overriding done at their library, and ultimately the overriding library can be held financially responsible if another library suffers loss. “

T.Lawrence moved to table item. K. Lustiber seconded. Motion passed.


MHLS Reports

MHLS Executive Director’s Report Josh Cohen

Report circulated in advance of the meeting. J. Cohen away. Cost of new drivers contract not reported. T. Lawrence received notice that there would be an additional delivery run at Arlington. Unsure as to how that will work. Effective July 6.

P. Kaufman pointed out that contents of report should not be read verbatim.


MHLS Board Liaison Report Frank Rees

No meeting. No report.

Next meeting July 8, Wednesday


Advisory Committee Reports

Central Library/Collection Development Josh Cohen

Report attached. August 3 meeting scheduled.


Continuing Education/Professional Development Merribeth Advocate

The next meeting is scheduled for Fall, 2009


Marketing and Program Midge Quick

Next meeting is Thursday July 23, 2009.


Resource Sharing

The next meeting is scheduled for August 19 2009


Consultant Activities

Outreach & Education Coordinator Merribeth Advocate

Report circulated prior to meeting. New webinars available: free online staff training. See front page of MHLS website. 2008 Annual Report information is now available. Please review your library’s material for accuracy. Link will be sent out 7-1. Please send corrections by 7-30 for printing.


Coordinator of Membership Information Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

Congratulations to Rebekkah for becoming a Sustainable Building Advisor. LEAD accreditation was also achieved.

Legislation to enable consolidation Special Districts signed by Governor. As written, will apply to Special District libraries and in some instances, municipal libraries.


Youth Services Coordinator

No report. New hire starts in July


Automated Systems Manager Laurie Shedrick

July 7 will be the next Millennium upgrade, with July 14 being an update that may affect users. Users should check the listserv before logging in. Info will be sent to each library. Changes will not be noticeable.

Net Term access will be ended. Security is an issue. Putty will be new product to allow Telnet emulation. Net Term is used primarily for bounced email. Effective Sept 1. See link on resource sharing page of MHLS website.


System Task Force on System Funding

T. Lawrence reported. Additional info attached. Recast the Sept. DA meeting as a retreat. To be held on Sept 3. How can conversation about System Funding be held? To discuss how the System got to where we are today, from where we came from. Conversations must be held to discuss where we want to go. Meeting would be from 10-3, with lunch. Goal- to have model for 2012 to handle state funding issues.

· When do we involve Boards?

· When do we make recommendations?

· Focus groups?

· Important for Directors to attend, Josh will send letter to

Board to encourage attendance.


Old Business

Library Thing

Marketing and Central Library Committees will discuss together, and report to the D.A. for September meeting.


New Proposed Business & Information

Syndetics- renewal September 1.


New Millennium licenses. L.Shedrick discussed how licenses are tied up. Rarely is it a problem, but it does happen. Capital fund would need to be expended for additional licenses. Differentiation between licenses and license fees described. 5 licenses is $7500. MHLS owns

235 licenses. Each license is $1500. $78,000 is in Capital Fund. L.

Shedrick believes 5 new licenses will suffice. New term- simultaneous use ports (SUP) rather than license. L. Shedrick will prepare list of libraries and number of SUPs.



Motion to adjourn J. Georghiou. Meeting ended at 12:01PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday August 3, at 10:00 A.M.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Any agenda items submitted for inclusion should be accompanied with the name of the Director or Consultant or person responsible for explaining to the Directors Association the nature of the issue. This is to ensure that valuable meeting time is not wasted.


Respectfully Submitted:


Steven Cook


Starr Library Rhinebeck