November 2009


November 4, 2009 Directors Association Meeting

Mid-Hudson Library System Auditorium



Meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Jessica Serrano.



Columbia County

Luisa Sabin-Kildiss Chatham, Sally Alderdice Claverack, Julie Hamrah Johnson Kinderhook, Vicki Kurashige North Chatham, Karen Garafalo Philmont, Sue Critchell, Livingston, Carol Briggs, Hillsdale

Dutchess County

Terry Sennett Clinton Corners, Julie Spann Fishkill, Gregory Callahan Hyde Park, Lisa Karim LaGrange, Daniela Pulice Pleasant Valley, Tom Lawrence Poughkeepsie, Tom Lawrence Arlington Branch, Mary Anna Egan Red Hook, Steven Cook Rhinebeck, Joanne Meyer Rhinecliff, Arlene Christiansen Stanford, Matthew Pfisterer Wappingers Falls, Marguerite Hill, Pine Plains, Nancy Rogers, Millbrook

Greene County

Debra Kamecke Cairo, Linda Deubert Coxsackie, Tracy Priest, Palenville Branch,

Putnam County

Jeanne Buck Carmel, Carol Donick Garrison, Frank Rees Kent, Patricia Kaufman Mahopac, Patti Haar Patterson, Kathleen McLaughlin Putnam Valley

Ulster County

Kelly Tomaseki, Esopus/Port Ewen, James Cosgrove Marlboro, Laurie Coccio Milton, John Georghiou Plattekill, Jessica Serrano Saugerties, Faith Johnson Town of Ulster,

Kara Lustiber, West Hurley, Wendy Alexander, Rosendale, John Giralco, New Paltz

Mid-Hudson Library System

Josh Cohen, Margaret Keefe, Merribeth Advocate, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Laurie Shedrick


Action Items

T. Lawrence moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved.  S. Alderdice seconded and the motion passed.


2010 Meeting Dates Moved by P. Kaufman, seconded by T. Lawrence. Motion passed.


Steering Committee Nominations J. Dempsey, Ulster, P. Kaufman, Putnam. Moved by T. Lawrence , second J. Giralco. Motion passed.


Advisory committee vacancies: Dutchess County: Continuing Ed. – Robert Reilly. Central Library- G. Goverman. Marketing and Program- M. Pfisterer (to 2013). Second seat TBD for 2011. P. Kaufman moved. M. Egan seconded. Motion passed.


Downloadable Audio Books. Four votes.

Discontinue NetLibrary. Moved to not renew by J. Giralico. Seconded by S. Alderdice. Discussion- what is Overdrive’s sweetened offer for $40,000. Ruled  not germane. Motion passed.


Overdrive- presents with three options, plus possibility of not having new downloadable books. Review- T. Lawrence- we are trying to follow model of other databases. Central Lib. Funds partially pay for. Overdrive model is one person per item at one time. This may affect use of downloadable audio. Other systems say this is not a problem.  Interview with Westchester’s Wayne Hay. No problems reported.  Better interface, iPod compatible. 3 options- one with no C.L. funding. Second- subsidy to 14K$ level, and to the 7K$ vote.  Goal- more easily downloaded title, that is reader-desirable. Complaints about loss of language learning titles (Pimsleur).  D. Pulice asked local preference: does it work? Second, are we  buying physical item. If contract terminated, lose access to all materials. Funding model is bulk purchase. Option to individual libraries to purchase extra items individually.  NYT bestsellers included by Overdrive. In Westchester, 7 day loan period. Question: who will do selection? Central Library, per T. Lawrence. High demand holds can possibly be an issue. Question- is there a marketing plan behind this (P.Haar). Answer- J. Cohen- nothing yet. K. McLaughlin- question on length of contract. J. Cohen. 1 year contract term. Afterwards, MHLS can leave at any time. 4 year deal locks in price. J. Johnson asked about pricing about usage, based on statistics of circulation, not population. F. Rees, look at first year’s usage, then have Task Force provide input.  D. Kamecke- expressed concern about increased costs, and ability to pay. P. Kaufman- costs are shared, recognizing that not every library uses to the same extent. D. Kamecke- at what point do we not do it, based on cost. J. Girlaico, NetLibrary is not library patron friendly. Hope that Overdrive is better.


Vote- T. Lawrence move option 2 for 2010 to fund Overdrive. Reevaluate after 1 year. Second by P. Haar.  31 in favor.  5 Opposed. 1 Absention. Motion passed.


M.Advocate thanked Central Library for their efforts.


Creation of Misc. I-type.  Recommended by committee. Moved by J. Georghiou, Second by T. Lawrence. Motion passed.


Limit renewals- Loan rules may not include a renewal higher than 10. Moved by L. Coccio. Seconded by P. Kaufman. Motion passed.

In-kind service as payment type. Moved by L. Tom  Second by L. Karim. Motion passed.


MHLS Reports

MHLS Executive Director’s Report Josh Cohen

See provided report.


Incentive Proposal discussed. One measure is percentage of collection. May be skewing statistics. Versus percent of circulation. How  much of your holdings are going out? Question- are libraries at bottom end of list going to be charged? K. Garafalo concern about small libraries and if they will be hurt. S. Alderdice concerned about patron education about borrowing from other titles. Requested- construct three year average.  M. Egan looking at ratio of filled to borrowed possibly. J. Cohen wishes to make this package cost between $10-12,000.


Air Pack- screen captures for next meeting. OPAC mobile-device friendly module for iii. Cost 15,500$. Reconfgures OPAC for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, etc.


Funding cut- $10% across board on funds not distributed. November 1 payments not clear.


Task Force met after retreat. Next step: look at different system models. Report TBD.


MHLS Board Liaison  – Frank Rees. No meeting.  Next meeting Saturday, December 5th.


Central Library

J. Serrano summarized.  T. Lawrence asked about Bookletters. Ready for Dec. 1. NextReads may be kept by Dutchess County.


Continuing Education/Collection Development

Next meeting- Spring 2010


Marketing  and Programming


Resource Sharing (standards to be discussed)


Consultant Activities

Merribeth Advocate-Outreach and Education Coordinator

Scheduling meetings for all counties on same week desirable. Followed by advisory committee meetings. If counties have selected dates in county meetings, please provide to Merribeth.  See report in agenda.


Library Thing- cost breakdown may be provided by MHLS. To be added to agenda for Dec. 2009 meeting.


Rebekkah Smith Aldrich- Keep eyes open for NYLA patron survey on job searching.


Christina Ryan-Linder- Meetings with youth leaders in counties ongoing on Kids’ Port. See attached report.


Laurie Shedrick Close dates for 2010 should be provided soon. See attached report.


New Business

LAMS socks on offer.


L. Shedrick demos SOPAC from Ann Arbor, MI. Resides on top of Millennium. Based on Drupal. Not easily added to our OPAC. Many things up front. Not a big list of libraries.
Motion to adjourn by P. Kaufman


Next meeting Friday, December 4, 2009



Respectfully submitted by Steven Cook/Starr/Rhinebeck